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Raman service and support

Need support now?

Contact us online in the following ways:

Alternatively, please call your local contact.

Please have your instrument's serial number to hand; it will enable us to help you more rapidly. You can find instructions on how to locate it here.

Quality post-sale support

Our specialist teams work solely with Raman products, and are ready to help you get the best out of your Raman instrument.

Renishaw's service and installation team provide:

  • initial installation and testing of your instrument
  • two-day ‘start-up' training session to guide you through the preventive maintenance aspects and basic operation of your instrument
  • global after-sales service
  • instrument diagnostics, servicing and adjustment, remotely, or by a personal visit

Renishaw's applications specialists provide:

  • advice on the best instrument configuration for your specific needs
  • guidance on sample preparation
  • sample analysis and experiment method development
  • data processing and analysis advice
  • continued education and training with twice yearly Raman Revealed training workshops
  • updates on new capabilities and software at worldwide Inside Raman seminars

Ask about our extended warranty and range of service contracts.

In need of an upgrade?

If your analytical requirements have changed we can upgrade your current system.

Reduced support for Renishaw's Ramascope, RM-Series Raman microscopes and the RA100 Raman analyser

The Ramascope and the RM-Series—introduced in 1992 and 1998, respectively—were superseded by the inVia in 2002.

If you have one of these instruments, we can still support you with repairs to replacement items such as lasers and filters. This will enable you to continue using your instrument.

Because of rapid advancements in technology, upgrading these instruments to add functionality is no longer a viable option. By taking this step, Renishaw is able to support the much greater, and increasing, number of newer products in use. Speak to one of our representatives about upgrading to a newer product to take your Raman spectroscopy to the next level.

Sales of the RA100 have now been discontinued. If you have one of these instruments, we can still offer support. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.