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Raman spectroscopy webinars

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Join us for one of our upcoming webinars where you can gain valuable insights from our worldwide team of applications scientists.

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Our live webinars typically last for around one hour including a question and answer session with our expert panel. All of our webinars will be made available to watch on demand shortly after.

Webinars: Upcoming

Glass of whiskey

Distinguishing between similar materials with Raman spectroscopy and data classification.

Raman spectroscopy is excellent for distinguishing between materials. In many cases you can distinguish them by looking for the presence of certain Raman bands. Other times you can match the spectra to a combination of spectra from a library, or by using a least-squares optimisation. However, if the materials are chemically very similar, the variations between their spectra are too complex and subtle for these simple methods.

We will discuss the classification methods you can use to distinguish similar materials and show how Renishaw's Data classifier software has the potential to diagnose diseased brain tissue and can distinguish between real and fake whiskies. We will show how you can build classification models and quantify sensitivity and specificity.

Tuesday, April 20th - 7:00AM (CDT) | 1:00PM (BST) | 2:00PM (CEST) - Register now

Thursday, April 22nd - 1:00PM (CDT) | 7:00PM (BST) | 8:00PM (CEST) - Register now

Webinars: On demand