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Controlling your process with flexible gauging

The benefits of using Equator™gauging systems for process control

The Equator system's hardware and software have been designed from the outset to be equally suited to manual or automated operation. Equator gauges can be used in serial production lines between turning centres, machining centres, grinders and other machine tools. Also, with the ability to switch between parts in seconds, a single Equator gauge is able to gauge components from multiple machines in a manufacturing cell.

Using the Equator gauging system to measure parts alongside production machines on the shopfloor not only offers quality assurance at the point of manufacture, but also provides an opportunity to use inspection data as feedback to close a quality control loop around manufacturing processes. Critically, in-process corrections can also be made after key manufacturing operations within a manufacturing production line, these in-process measurements can be used to inform and update tool offsets directly on the machine tools using IPC (intelligent process control) software.

Equator lets us keep production under control in an extremely precise manner, with the ability on one device to gauge all the profiles and dimensions we need to, directly in production even on parts with very different designs.

ZF Marine (Italy)

IPC (intelligent process control) software

Process control at the machine

Zero impact on machining times, reduced time delay for part measurement and process correction.

Reduced skill levels and labour costs

Automatic machine tool updates, elimination of manual errors, no skilled operator availability issues.

Improved productivity

Immediate process correction enables increased throughput, reduced scrap.

Improved process capability

Using recent historical data to improve Cpk - adjust actual process mean to nominal size.

Cost effective process control

One Equator gauge can be used to control multiple CNC machines.

Monitor tool wear

Optimise cutter life by managing tool offset values.

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