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Supplier portal

The supplier portal is a platform for business partner collaboration providing suppliers and potential new suppliers with customised access to Renishaw information, documents, applications and tools, delivered securely to the end user through the public internet.

Supplier portal content

The Renishaw supplier portal is aimed at providing both existing and potential new suppliers with access to a range of information, documents, applications and tools.

Subject to registration and approval, accessibility can be fully customised to ensure that individual suppliers can obtain the information and tools that are relevant to them, and to their individual trading relationship with Renishaw.

Renishaw File Services (RFS) added to allow the sharing of large electronic files between Renishaw and registered portal users. Find it under the My Supplier Portal menu**

New supplier registration

New suppliers interested in establishing a trading relationship with Renishaw can register their details here to be accepted as a new supplier.

Existing supplier registration

To enable customised access to the various documents, applications and tools available on this Portal, existing suppliers must first register for use here. Following submission of registration (and subject to verification of existing supplier status), an encrypted password will be provided together with instructions on how to proceed.

Existing pre-registered suppliers

Existing pre-registered suppliers will have have access to additional documents, tools and applications via my supplier portal. Access to this area is password protected, provided during the initial registration process.

Public supplier information

A range of public supplier information is available for anyone considering supplying goods or services to Renishaw. This includes items such as information relating to regulatory, legislative and corporate policy (i.e. RoHS, WEEE, Export Control, The Bribery Act, Conflict Minerals, Group Buisness Code etc), Renishaw Terms and Conditions of Trade, Renishaw site addresses and opening hours, and packaging and labeling requirements

If you have questions or feedback relating to the Renishaw Supplier Portal, please email