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Attaching a TP20 module to the TM25-20 adaptor module

The full range of TP20 modules can be mounted to the TM25-20 adaptor module with a kinematic joint that eliminates the need for probe requalification (recalibration) after changing tools. The change can be performed manually or automatically using an FCR25 or FCR25 TC flexible change rack (highly recommended for optimum performance).

More information about the Renishaw range of TP20 touch-trigger modules can be found in the TP20 probe system installation and user's guide (part number: H-1000-5008) which can be downloaded in PDF format from the Renishaw website

Fitting TM25-20 to SM25
  1. Align the front of the TP20 module and the TM25-20 adaptor module using their alignment marks.
  2. Slowly connect the TP20 to the bottom of the TM25-20.  Allow the magnets to carefully connect the kinematic joint between both components.

To remove the TP20 module, hold and carefully tilt to break the kinematic joint.