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General FCR25 and FCR25 TC installation information

The information is this document that describes the mounting and aligning of the FCR25 and FCR25 TC racks assumes that the MRS rail is positioned along the X-axis of the CMM with the probe head positioned at A0 B0 during a change routine.  If the MRS2 rack is mounted along the Y-axis of the CMM, it will be necessary to transpose all references to axis, motion and orientation.

It is also assumed that the MRS rail has been correctly installed on the CMM as defined in the MRS installation and user's guide which can be downloaded in PDF format from the Renishaw website

When two or more FCR25 racks are used together, it is possible to remove the adjoining plastic end caps to enable an unbroken line of ports.  Carefully remove the end caps to reveal a series of machined lug features.  These are used to align the adjoining FCR25 racks. This is not possible with FCR25 TC racks.