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Attaching an SM25 or TM25-20 module to the SP25M probe body

NOTE: To ensure optimum metrology performance it is recommended that following any probe change (either manual or automatic), the probe head is unlocked and locked.

The SM25 scanning modules and TM25-20 adaptor module connect with a kinematic coupling to the bottom face of the SP25M probe body. This connection eliminates the need for probe requalification (recalibration) after changing tools. The change can be performed manually or automatically using an FCR25 flexible change rack.

If an FCR25 TC temperature controlled rack is not being used, it is recommended that for optimum performance the SM25 scanning module should be allowed 20 minutes to reach operating temperature. Using a module which has not been given time to reach operating temperature could affect the results given by the system. This is due to the thermal drift of the module before it reaches optimum operating temperature.

Fitting Module to SP25 probe body
  1. Align the front of the probe body and module.
  2. Tilt the module so that the front of both components begin to connect.
  3. Allow the front of the module to connect to the probe body.
  4. Tilt the module backwards and allow the magnets to carefully connect the kinematic joint between the two components.
  5. Unlock and lock the probe head before using the probe.

To remove the module, hold and carefully tilt to break the kinematic joint.