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General wiring standards

To achieve reliable operation of the UCC BI the following should be observed:

  • All signal cables MUST be screened and all cable screens should be connected electrically to the cable connector's metal shells.
  • It is recommended that cable screens should only be connected to the functional earth (via the connector shell) of the UCC BI and
    SPA2-2. To avoid earth loops, cable screens should not be directly attached to the CMM's functional earth.
  • The grounding must be continuous between all equipment in the installation.
  • All cable connectors should be secured to the UCC BI and SPA2-2 by the connector jack screws (where present).

NOTE: The UCC BI and SPA2-2 electronic zero volt rails are connected to their respective ground planes at star points within the UCC BI, the SPA2-2, and also to the protective ground of the SPA2-2 ac supply.

Naming convention




active high


(active low)


Do not use. For Renishaw purposes only.

signal +

Positive differential pair

signal -

Negative differential pair