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Renishaw license key manager system

The license key system has been designed to allow the OEM and retrofitters to easily upgrade UCC2 systems by simply entering in a licence key into the controller via the host PC. The upgrades can be done in the OEM factory, or in the field, without the need for hardware dongles or additional extra inventory (extra units configured for different functionality).

The license key system is based on a controller ID that is embedded into the UCC2 hardware. For each UCC2 system there is a unique ‘key' that is required to unlock the required functionality.

UCC2 instal guide - figure 16 

Using the Renishaw license key manager

When the UCC2 is received from Renishaw, it will be configured in the touch-trigger state and have the I++DME active. If only the touch-trigger system was purchased then no further action is required. However, if additional functionality was purchased (or has been purchased since), the process of upgrading the system must be conducted.

Obtaining the key

This ‘key’ is provided by Renishaw. To obtain the ‘key’, the above information needs to be supplied to Renishaw. This can be done by e-mail, fax or even by telephone.

They will have the capability to generate the unique key required for the unit in question, which will be supplied in a 16 digit hexadecimal number of the form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Applying the key

Using the Renishaw license key manager software, the ‘new key' button is clicked. The software then prompts the user to enter the 16 digit key. Once entered, the ‘key' is stored in the unit and will enable the purchased upgrade. This can be checked by looking at the ‘enabled functionality' table. The unit will remember these settings even after it has been powered down.

Once this ‘key' is entered into the UCC2, using the Renishaw license key manager software, it is stored in non-volatile memory. The UCC2 will remember the ‘key' and so once a function is enabled it will remain enabled until a new function is applied.

Ordering extra functionality / upgrading

Additional functionality can be enabled by the application of a new ‘key'. Before the ‘key' can be issued by Renishaw, an order for the upgrade must be placed.

Two pieces of information are required in this process.

  1. The controller's ID or serial number.
  2. A valid order number for the required upgrade.

To read the enabled functions on a controller the connection must be made between the UCC2 and the PC via the Ethernet link. No other connection to the UCC2, other than power, is required at this stage.

Using the Renishaw license key manager software, the controller ID number will be read from the system. The format of the ID is an 8 digit number, hyphenated (e.g. xxxx-xxxx).

This number will be needed to request a new ‘key' which will then enable the required function upgrade.

Demonstration mode

A demonstration mode can be enabled giving 40 run time hours of all available functions.

The purpose of this is for sales demonstrations and short term evaluation. The ‘demo key’ is obtained from Renishaw using the controller ID number. The key is generated in much the same way as the main key, but is only 8 digits.

The ‘demo key’ is applied by clicking the ‘demo key’ button and entering the code.

Once the 40 hours have been used up, this ‘demo key’ becomes invalid. To use this function again a new ‘demo key’ must be obtained. It is intended that the ‘demo key’ is only used a limited number of times. After this number Renishaw will be unable to issue further ‘demo keys’.

Repairing upgraded systems

If a unit is returned for repair and it is necessary to send a replacement / exchange unit back, then it will arrive in the touch-trigger functionality state.

At this point, a new ‘key’ must be obtained. In this case the controller ID will be required and instead of an order number, the repair number, GRA number or the serial number of the original unit returned is required.