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Connecting the UCC2 and UCC2-2 to the host PC

For the installation of a UCC2 controller, the CMM's host computer must use Windows NT (service pack 6 or later), Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista or Windows 7 as an operating system; a CD-ROM drive, and a hard disc drive. The storage requirements of the UCC system are less than 500 Mbytes. The processor speed and RAM requirements are not excessive, if the PC is supporting the operating system and application software, it will almost certainly support the UCC controller operation.

The PC must have one free dedicated network (Ethernet) connection port available for the UCC2 communication. It is recommended that this NOT a USB plug-in adapter because of the reduction in speed of operation these devices normally produce.

The following sections detail how to connect and configure the communication link between the UCC2 and the host PC that is running either the UCC utilities or metrology application software.

Hardware connection

The host PC must have a dedicated Ethernet connection to the UCC2. It is recommended that this NOT a USB plug-in adapter because of the reduction in speed of operation these devices normally produce.

If the host PC is also to be connected to a network, it is necessary to install additional hardware within the host PC to permit a dedicated connection to be available for UCC2 communication. For details on how to install additional hardware into the host PC, please refer to the PC's installation / users guide.

The UCC2 is capable of using both 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet, the selection being determined by the capability of the network adapter to which it is connected. We recommend that you use a 100 Mbps network adaptor.

A 5 m Ethernet cable is provided for this link as part of the UCC2 kit and is a Cat 5e, cross-over type. Other lengths may be used, the maximum being is governed by the generic specification for Ethernet connections (i.e. a hundred metres), which is sufficient for any CMM installation. It must be a cross-over type for a single installation.

If you are concerned about EMC disruption due to your environment, or the routing of the cable, then the use a shielded cross-over cable is recommended.

We suggest that you label your cross-over cable as a cross-over cable as it looks identical to a normal, not-crossed-over, cable.

Software installation

The UCC software must be installed on the host PC, prior to connection of the UCC2.

The UCC software suite can be downloaded from the Renishaw website.

After the software has been installed, one of the utility programs available is “IP Configurer”; which is used to give the UCC2 an IP address, and establishes the pairing of the PC and the UCC2.

Included in the UCCSuite is UCCassist-2 which is the installation and diagnostics software for UCC2 installations.