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SPAlite legacy servo power amplifier

Low powered (250 W), low cost 3-axis servo power amplifier
  • SPAlite servo power amplifierSuitable for CMMs up to about 1 m cubed in measuring volume
  • Compatible with UCClite-2 and UCC2-2
  • Variable velocity feedback systems compatible (tacho, tacholess and encoder)
  • Digital tuning
  • Variable motor voltage (24 V to 48 V)
  • Can be combined with UCC2-2 and MCUlite-2 or MCU5


■ Standard specification

- Not available


UCC controller compatibility


Servo amplifier channels


Additional servo amplifier channels


Total output power

250 W

Maximum continuous power per channel

120 W

Peak power per channel (dependent on application)

240 W

Amplifier output (motor) voltage

24 V to 48 V variable

Amplifier current

0 A to 5 A programmable

Emergency stop compatibility

Category 'B' E-STOP

Tuning method


DC brushed motor compatibility

Tacho motor velocity feedback

Tacholess velocity feedback

Encoder velocity feedback

AC power supply


Power supply - input

85 V to 132 V ac, 170 V to 264 V ac, 47 Hz to 63 Hz, 650 W

Environment - storage

-10 °C to +70 °C (+14 °F to +158 °F)

Environment - operation

+10 °C to +50 °C (+50 °F to +122 °F) local to UCC



435 mm (19 in enclosure)


2U (85 mm)


330 mm


5.5 kg (12 lb 2 oz)

Installation and user's guides

Part number
Servo power amplifiers
SPA2-2 3-axis DC motor kit (kit includes DC motor connector kit)A-5402-8302
SPA2-2 4-axis DC motor kit (kit includes DC motor connector kit and 4th axis interface card kit)A-5402-8306
SPA2-2 6-axis DC motor kit (kit includes 2 × DC motor connector kits)A-5402-8622
SPA2-2 REVO DC motor kit (kit includes DC motor connector kit and REVO interface card kit)A-5402-8612
SPA2-2 REVO only kit (includes 3-axis SPA2-2 and REVO connector kit)A-5402-8301
Dual SPA2-2 high power 3-axis DC kit (kit includes 2 × SPA2-2, DC motor connector kit and E-STOP cable)A-5402-8322
Dual SPA2-2 high power REVO DC kit (kit includes 2 × SPA2-2, DC motor connector kit, REVO interface and E-STOP cable)A-5402-8312