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The Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser

The new RA816 Biological Analyser

The Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system, designed exclusively for biological and clinical research.
Imaging and molecular medical diagnostic techniques can be sensitive and specific to information related to the initiation and progression of disease and pathology. However, these techniques require contrast agents (stains and labels) or molecular tags, which can be costly in time (processing and review expertise) and money.

Use the RA816 Biological Analyser to identify and assess biochemical changes associated with disease formation and progression. There is little to no sample preparation, and no contrast agents or tags are needed.

The system provides a practical solution for analysing biological samples:

  • Easy to use hardware and software
  • No need for stains or labels
  • Minimal to no sample preparation
  • Obtain full range of biochemical information (no need for prior knowledge of specific molecular targets)

The system is designed specifically for biological and clinical sites:

  • Compact and transportable
  • Optimised microscopic technology:
    • Autofocusing (LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology)
    • View samples at low and high magnification with minimum effort
  • Dedicated disease classification model building and testing
  • Dedicated tissue accessories and substrates
  • Designed for disease model transferability between instruments


Class 11 laser product (Class 3B available on request)

1As defined by IEC 60825-1:2014

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Image gallery

  • The Renishaw Biological Analyser
  • Raman image of human osteosarcoma (bone cancer) cells.
  • Imaging of human brain tissue
  • Raman images of rat mandible
  • Biological Analyser accessories
  • The Renishaw Biological Analyser

Downloads: RA816 Biological Analyser

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