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Raman products

Scientists and engineers choose Renishaw as their partner, because of the high-quality products and innovative technologies that generate the best results. Explore our range of instruments and select the best Raman spectrometer for your analysis requirements.

Raman instruments

Analysing data from the inVia

inVia™ confocal Raman microscope

Designed, developed and refined over more than two decades, our research-grade inVia Raman microscope delivers the best data in the shortest time. Find out how the inVia microscope can be configured for even the most demanding Raman measurements.

inVia Raman microscope

Collecting data on the inLux SEM Raman interface

inLux™ SEM Raman interface

The inLux SEM Raman interface brings high-quality Raman functionality to your SEM chamber. Now you can collect Raman spectra that can produce images in 2D and 3D whilst simultaneously imaging in SEM.

inLux interface

Virsa Raman analyser with probe

Virsa™ Raman analyser

The Virsa Raman analyser is a transportable system with fibre-optic-coupled probes. It is suitable for both microscopic and bulk Raman analyses. The Virsa analyser delivers the power of research-grade Raman to large or immobile samples in situ.

Virsa Raman analyser

Virsa with probe

Virsa™ Raman analyser for bioprocessing

The Virsa analyser is ideally suited for continuous bioprocess monitoring. Find out how Raman analysis with a Virsa analyser can help implement the US FDA's process analytical technology (PAT) guidance.

Virsa analyser for bioprocessing

RA802 Pharmaceutical raman analyser

RA802 Pharmaceutical analyser

Designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry, the RA802 Pharmaceutical analyser is a high throughput Raman spectrometer that gives rich chemical information whilst being easy to use.

RA802 Pharmaceutical analyser

RA816 Biological Raman analyser

RA816 Biological analyser

Designed specifically for biological and clinical use, the RA816 Biological analyser can be used to identify and assess biochemical changes associated with disease formation and progression.

RA816 Biological analyser

Webinar: Choosing a Raman spectrometer

Learn what makes a good Raman instrument. Our Raman spectroscopy experts will demonstrate this on an inVia™ confocal Raman microscope.

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Additional information

Hand adjusting a Raman microscope


We provide a wide range of accessories, so you can optimise your Raman measurements to suit your experimental requirements.


Virsa Graphene Raman


Renishaw's WiRE™ software not only controls our fully automated Raman instruments, but also includes powerful data processing and analysis packages.

Raman software

Raman image of shaving cream

Key technologies

Our spectroscopy products incorporate many patented innovations. Discover the core technologies used in our Raman systems.

Key technologies

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