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Additive manufacturing for surgical instruments and accessories

Additive manufacturing (AM) is suited to the production of single use or reusable surgical instruments, as well as patient-specific surgical cutting guides and other devices designed to be in contact with the patient.

Metal 3D printing surgical instruments

As surgical techniques improve, surgeons need ever more advanced instruments to support their procedures. Whether it's customising the instruments to the surgeon, to the patient or to the procedure, metal 3D printing makes it possible to tailor devices to the surgeon's specification. With rapid prototyping capabilities, AM technology can greatly reduce the development time, helping your products get from design to manufacture as quickly as possible. With Renishaw's additive manufacturing technology, manufacturers can develop innovative instrumentation in a range of materials, including titanium and stainless steel, which could ultimately lead to smoother surgical procedures.
LaserImplant™ mandibular cutting and drilling guides
LaserImplant™ fibula cutting guide

Benefits of metal AM for surgical instruments

  • Rapid prototyping, on the same platform as production, aids quick progression of novel designs and features
  • Economically feasible to print multiple custom designs in one build
  • Incorporate complex structures which can add functionality to the instruments
  • Design and manufacture one-off instruments to meet the surgeon's needs
  • Part consolidation can help reduce production assembly time

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