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Autochange extension bars

A series of probe extensions placed between the probe and probe head to provide increased reach with minimal loss of accuracy.

PAA and PEM range

Autojoint extension bars have the female part of the Renishaw autojoint at one end of the bar, and at the other end of the bar is the probe connection mount. The male part of the autojoint is found on probe heads and allows rapid manual or automatic extension bar changing.

Autojoint extension bars are suitable for use with the ACR1 and ACR3 probe changing racks for automatic exchange of multi-probe installations. They can be fully multi-wired (all 13 pins connected) or feature just 2 wires. The probe end of the bar can feature either a male autojoint, or an M8 thread.

PHS head adaptors have a different type of kinematic joint that allows the user to convert the PHS system to other probe types and include extension bars in the set-up.

Autojoint to autojoint extension bars

PEM autojoint to autojoint extension bar

Extend the reach of autojointed probes using multiwired extension bars.

PEM extension bars are designed to be used with all multiwired probes (TP7M, SP25M and SP600M scanning probes and the OTP6M optical probe) as well as other touch-trigger probes using an adaptor.

Autojoint to M8 bush extension bars

PAA autojoint to M8 extension bar

Extension bars that can connect M8 thread probes to autojoint mounted probe heads.

The PAA range of extension bars allow standard 2-wire touch-trigger probes to be fitted to autojointed heads - for example, TP20 to PH10M PLUS or MIH.

There are three PAA extension bars available. The PAA1 is a 30 mm steel adaptor, the PAA2 and PAA3 are made of aluminium and have an overall effective length of 140 mm and 300 mm respectively.

PHS head adaptors

HA-8 with TP200, module and stylus

These head adaptors convert the PHS connector to a connection suitable for other probe sensors.

The HA-M allows multiwire probes to be used with PHS.

The HA-8 allows the use of Renishaw's M8 extensions, as an alternative to the bespoke PHS head extensions.

PHS head extensions

HA-330 with TP200, module and stylusPHS head adaptors with integral extension bar to M8 thread, and autochangeable on ACR2.

These extension bars allow the reach of PHS to be extended by 330 mm, 500 mm or 750 mm (hence HE330, HE500, HE750). The head extensions can be bought individually or in kits.