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Ballbar system for industrial automation

RCS L-90 ballbar system for industrial automation can enhance robot deployment speed and system accuracy. Discover how it can monitor robot health with simple routines

What does RCS L-90 do?

RCS L-90 is a 90 mm linear ballbar system to assist in the installation and calibration of robot systems. A range of tests can speed up, standardise and provide traceability for the set-up and diagnostics of robots.

The ballbar enables robots to enter a new realm of shorter set-up times and greater application accuracy. It also standardises processes, so that all programmers can follow the same routines and achieve the same results.

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Renishaw industrial automation RCS L-90 ballbar fitted between a robot arm and datum sphere within a robot cell

Understand more about the RCS L-90 ballbar

The RCS series of industrial automation products and software provides simple routines to advance your robotic cell.

Discover the benefits

RCS L-90 is designed to speed up the set-up, deployment and maintenance of industrial robots. The time consuming and inaccurate manual methods used to set-up a cell can be simplified, providing benefits such as:

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Save time and money

Recover your robot cell faster following any maintenance or after a collision. Reduced downtime can boost productivity.

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Offline programming

The supporting robot software, RCS Software Suite, enables offline programming and minimises the need for robot touch-up.

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Easy to use

Working with our intuitive robot software, RCS L-90 standardises tests so they can be used by any robot operator.

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How robust is the system?

RCS L-90 was created with industrial automation in mind. It is built to be robust and function reliably within a robotic cell.

After a volumetric test, what kind of information can I receive from the graphs?

Completing a volumetric test will generate a lot of data. This information will be found in the test results screen in the RCS Software Suite.

The results can be used to identify potential problems with the robot, as well as identifying backlash, reversal spikes and droop.

For further verification tests and identification of poor robot performance, discover the RCS T-90 robot diagnostic system for industrial automation.



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