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CMM probes, software and retrofits

Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

Measurement without compromise.

Speed, accuracy, flexibility.

The world's leading range of measurement systems for CMMs

For more than 50 years, Renishaw has delivered innovations that have been milestones in industrial metrology. From the original touch-trigger probe and motorised indexing head, repeatable stylus changing and modular scanning systems, Renishaw sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard.

The 5-axis measurement product range represents the biggest step-change in measurement capability ever introduced, delivering unprecedented speed and measurement flexibility, whilst avoiding the speed versus accuracy compromises inherent in conventional techniques. Whether the REVO scanning or the PH20 touch-trigger, Renishaw's 5-axis systems boost measurement throughput, minimise lead times and give manufacturers a more comprehensive appreciation of the quality of their products.

REVO® – the 5-axis motion and infinite positioning multi-sensor system

  • Unlike conventional CMM systems, the REVO system uses synchronised motion and 5-axis measurement technology to minimise the dynamic effects of coordinate measurement machine (CMM) motion at ultra-high measurement speeds. This is achieved by letting the REVO-2 head do the fast motion while the CMM moves in a slow linear fashion. The tip-sensing probe further adds to the system’s accuracy, flexibility and performance. The removable probe system offers five specialised sensors including scanning, surface finish and structured light measurement, which used with a low-cost changer, provide added flexibility and reduce capital expenditure.

Unlock the power of your data with Renishaw Central

Renishaw Central: The smart manufacturing data platform connects multiple machines and devices across the shop floor

Take advantage of your CMM metrology data with our smart manufacturing data platform, Renishaw Central. Discover how our powerful platform can transform your manufacturing today.