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Custom fixtures

If Renishaw's standard range of modular fixturing does not meet your requirements, we can design and create custom fixtures for your CMM, vision system or Equator™ gauge.

No two custom fixtures are alike

That's why our dedicated team of design engineers work with you to create a custom fixturing solution, specific to your needs.

Renishaw's engineers can provide custom fixturing solutions for your inspection and gauging systems, taking a design from concept to build. Custom fixturing applications are used across all industries from aerospace to automotive and medical to precision manufacturing.

All aspects of the specific task are taken into consideration to ensure the best solution is achieved, including:

  • How frequently the part will be measured
  • The type of material, size and shape of the part
  • Dimensions and tolerances of the part
  • Datums or orientation of the part
  • Weight and size of the fixture

You can also submit pictures, parts, prints or CAD files for our engineers to review. Complete a custom fixture request form below or contact your local sales office to discuss your custom fixturing requirements further.

Our design team can also help you design customised part transfer systems to suit your requirements. Renishaw's transfer systems are the perfect solution for a production CMM environment or where heavy and difficult to load components are inspected.

Custom application gallery