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Custom Raman solutions

Need something different?

If our standard products don't match your exact needs, no problem! Our Special Products Team can develop a custom solution to meet your requirements.

Range of custom solutions

Renishaw's custom solutions include:

  • Raman systems combined with other techniques
    • X-ray diffraction systems at synchrotrons
    • Neutron diffraction at beamlines
    • Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)
  • specialist sample analysis
    • Multiple microscopes where you have a range of sampling requirements
    • Open frame (free-space) microscopes for the routine examination of large samples
    • Custom cell incubators
  • routine analysis (QA/QC)
    • Protective coatings, such as DLC on hard disc platters, and thermal barrier coatings on engine parts and turbine blades
    • Photovoltaic panels


Our Special Products Team is an ideal partner for your Raman developments.

  • Extensive experience:
    • key designers who have been actively involved in academic or industrial research
    • hundreds of custom systems have been developed
    • knowledge of challenging and novel experiment design
    • skilled at understanding your problem and devising an appropriate solution
  • Detailed knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Access to advanced machining facilities to produce quality custom products
  • Available throughout the development process to ensure your needs are fulfilled and challenges identified at an early stage

Raman at beamlines

If you conduct experiments at beamlines, find out how Raman spectroscopy could further your research.

Contacting the Special Products Team

No matter how unusual or specific your requirements, we can help. Please contact your local representative who will pass on your query to our Special Products Team.