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Equator™ gauging with third-party software

Equator gauging systems are now available with industry standard third-party programming software. Speak to us today to find out more.

Compatibility with a range of measurement programming software

We have worked closely with leading providers of metrology software packages to enable compatibility with our Equator gauging system. This means a growing range of packages can now be used with the Equator gauge, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of the system, whilst using their existing software. The result is a larger community of software users that now have access to Renishaw Equator systems.

Existing co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) programs can be readily adapted for use on the Equator gauging system, which uses the 'compare' function to help reduce measurement cycle times, while maintaining high levels of repeatability.

The Equator systems are available to manufacturers who already have experienced programmers using their chosen software in-house, with only a small time commitment needed to create gauging routines.

Along with our powerful MODUS™ metrology software, our current providers of third-party software are:

• CMM-Manager QxSoft
• Hexagon PC-DMIS
• Innovmetric PolyWorks®
• LK Metrology CAMIO
• Metrologic Group® Metrolog x4
• Mora Inspect3D
• Verisurf® CMM Master
• Wenzel WM Quartis®

With integration of the Equator system, production-related data from ZEISS CALYPSO can be used efficiently for process control and optimisation. This not only eliminates the operating costs of additional software packages, for which separate training would be necessary, but also expands the functional range of our software in a familiar environment.

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH

Program gauging routines in-house

Equator systems running third-party software are useful for manufacturers wishing to complement their CMM inspection with additional programmable gauging capacity. Now, more users can benefit from the shop floor capability of the Equator system and the option for process control at the point of manufacture.

Equator gauging can bring very fast touch points and scan speeds, reducing inspection cycle times. This is especially useful for large batches of the same part.

Equator gauge in Renishaw housing inspecting a part on a machine shop floor

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