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Equator Software Suite language packs

Alternative language versions of the Equator Software Suite are available for download in this section.

This update is ONLY applicable to the same Equator Software Suite version that is currently on your controller. For example, to install a 1.5.4 language pack, you must have 1.5.4 software in English installed on the controller.

NOTE: To download the relevant language user guides, please refer to the documentation area.

How do I update?

  1. Navigate to the project download area by clicking on the relevant download link below.
  2. Download the required Language pack in the project area to a USB stick.
  3. Read the "RELEASE NOTES" before installing on an Equator Controller.


LanguageLatest release
Chinese ESS 1.5.7
CzechESS 1.5.7
FrenchESS 1.5.7
GermanESS 1.5.7
ItalianESS 1.5.7
JapaneseESS 1.5.9
KoreanESS 1.5.7
PolishESS 1.5.7
Portuguese - BrazilianESS 1.5.7
RussianESS 1.5.7
SpanishESS 1.5.7
SwedishESS 1.5.7
HungarianESS 1.5.7
Spanish - MexicanESS