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Focusing on laser melting performance

Summary- focusing on laser melting performance

The article features how new optical schemes for selective laser melting systems can provide more consistent control of laser processing conditions.

Dynamic beam focussing offers new possibilities for tighter focus control across the build plate and in varying thermal conditions.

The report details:

  • Laser melting basics
  • Galvo laser positioning and focussing
  • Dynamic focussing systems
  • F-theta systems

Download the feature to find out more.


  • Educational article:  Focusing on laser melting performance

About the author - Director Global Solutions Centres

Marc Saunders - Director of Global Solutions Centres

Marc Saunders has over 25 years' experience in high tech manufacturing. In previous positions at Renishaw, he played a key role in developing the company award-winning RAMTIC automated machining platform, and has also delivered turnkey metrology solutions to customers in the aerospace sector.

Marc manages a global network of Solutions Centres for metal additive manufacturing (AM), enabling customers who are considering deploying AM as a production process to gain hands-on experience with the technology before committing to a new facility.

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