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High speed encoded stage (HSES)

Your sample is in safe hands

With Renishaw's high speed encoded stage (HSES) you can accurately and repeatably position your samples for analysis. It is a motorised encoded sample stage which combines a high precision 100 nm step size with fast movement and great ergonomics.

Accurate and precise positioning

The sample stage is a critical component of a Raman microscope. It determines how stable your sample is during static analysis, and how accurately and precisely it moves during mapping experiments.

The 100 nm step size of the HSES enables you to make high-resolution measurements anywhere within its range of travel (112 mm by 76 mm). You can study samples of any size within this area.

The HSES is equipped with Renishaw optical encoders. These track stage position during both motorised control and manual adjustment. Stage recalibration is not required after sample loading.

Sample loading is easy. You can manually move the stage to load your sample and position it under the microscope objective lens by dragging the stage to the required position. The motorisation is suspended automatically to remove resistance and restarted when the stage is released. You can fine tune the position by using the trackball or software. 

Fast using friction

Renishaw's design uses a proprietary direct friction drive mechanism. This gives superb control, responsiveness and quiet operation.

The stage can move rapidly over both small and large distances, while still maintaining accuracy and precision. This is because of its novel control algorithms, developed by Renishaw.

HSES is a key element in Renishaw's StreamLine™ and StreamHR™ fast mapping methods.

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Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.