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inVia™ InSpect confocal Raman microscope

inVia InSpect – the perfect addition to your forensic trace laboratory

Our best-selling confocal Raman microscope optimised for use in forensic laboratories for trace analysis.

Identify materials that may be difficult or time consuming with other techniques such as hard crystalline powders, ceramic shards and glass chips, easily analysed with little or no preparation required.

Enjoy the benefits of a purpose-built Raman system

Your inVia InSpect will give you:

  • High spatial resolution - comparable to your other microscopic techniques
  • A range of microscope contrast techniques - including brightfield, darkfield and polarisation contrast with reflected and transmitted light illumination
  • High-performance video camera and long working distance objectives - locate points and areas of interest even on complex substrates
  • High-precision motorised stage - essential for analysing microscopic particles
  • Dual laser wavelengths - easily switch between wavelengths at the click of a button and analyse the same point on your sample
  • Automated alignment - with inbuilt calibration checks
  • Particle analysis - use advanced image recognition algorithms and instrument control features to characterise particle distributions
  • Correlative imaging - create composite images by combining Raman data with images from other microscopy techniques
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Why do you need Raman in your forensics lab?

You use a range of microscopic techniques in your trace analysis laboratory, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. By adding Raman spectroscopy to your laboratory, you will gain further powerful capabilities which complement your existing techniques:

  • See the fine detail - Pinpoint your Raman analysis using a range of optical microscopy techniques
  • Focus on the evidence - Discriminate between your targets and their surroundings using EasyConfocal™ technology
  • Sample preparation is minimal - If you can focus on the sample with an optical microscope, you can collect its Raman spectrum
  • Highly specific identification - Raman microscopy can differentiate chemical structures, even closely related ones
  • Analysis is non-contact and non-destructive - You can analyse your sample multiple times without damaging or tainting it

To find out more about how Raman could help your forensics analysis, visit our forensics application page.

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