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Light collection optics

Get Raman data efficiently, across a wide range of samples.

Microscope objectives

We carefully select high quality lenses. Each is thoroughly tested, at different laser wavelengths, to ensure suitability for multi-wavelength requirements.

  • High quality 5×, 20×, and 50× objectives - standard, used for most microscope measurements
  • High NA 100× objectives - for high spatial resolution and confocality requirements
  • Long, super long, and ultra long objectives - use with cells, microplates, and through windows
  • Water and oil immersion objectives - for life science work and refractive index matching confocal measurements
  • N-UV and D-UV objectives at different magnifications
  • Custom long working distance and long stand-off telescopic optics - the ultimate performance for analysis over centimetre distances or greater

Long distance remote analysis (Fibre optic probes)

Provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. Take Raman analysis capability to your sample.

These probes contain both high quality optics and filters to ensure you get the best possible spectra. Together, with an optional video camera and illumination package, this makes it easy to position and focus on the correct part of your sample when it is far away (tens of metres or more) from the Raman system.

With inVia, fibre probes are an efficient option, using existing lasers already configured with the system. Analysis can be switched between the probe and microscope automatically through the WiRE software, providing simple and convenient use.

Transmission Raman spectroscopy with inVia

Obtain fast, quantitative analysis of bulk materials or see through coatings and containers with Transmission Raman.

Transmission Raman is a fibre coupled accessory which maintains all the functionality of the inVia.

  • Accurately establish the relative amounts of different components, from even very large samples (> 20 cm3)
  • Map large sample volumes to reveal blend homogeneity and material distribution
  • 785 nm and 830 nm excitation wavelengths available as standard (other laser frequencies on request)
  • Fibre coupled enabling the combined use of the laser in both transmission and backscatter configurations and the ability to automatically switch between modes
  • Enables transmission Raman mapping when combined with the Renishaw High Speed Encoded Stage (HSES)
  • Focused or collimated illumination beam up to 6 mm in diameter and a variety of collection optics available on request

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Downloads: transmission Raman

Environmental cells

Renishaw supplies a wide range of cells; these enable you to make in situ Raman and photoluminescence measurements in a variety of precisely controlled environments.

Find out more about environmental cells

Renishaw provides a host of inVia specific sampling options and accessories to ensure your sample can be accessed and controlled, whatever your experimental needs.