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OEM Raman products

Adding Raman analysis to your product

Renishaw makes OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Raman products, in addition to systems for end users.

Contact us if you supply or distribute OEM equipment. We can advise how you can integrate these products and add Raman analysis capabilities to solve your customers' problems.

This page details one of these products, the RA800-series.

RA800-series benchtop Raman system

The RA800 is a flexible high performance instrument platform. Renishaw can configure it to provide tailored chemical and materials analysis solutions across a range of application areas.

Simplicity and speed

Simplicity and ease of use make the RA800-series ideally suited for routine use in laboratories and on, or near to, production lines.

  • Specifically designed for users who are not experienced with Raman spectroscopy or similar techniques
  • Non-destructive and non-contacting analysis
  • Simple to use
  • Class 1 laser safe
    • The rapid collection of Raman images and spectra, combined with automated data processing and analysis, ensure that your users get results quickly
    • Identify unknowns
    • Determine particle size and distribution
    • Quantify mixture fractions
  • Small footprint
  • Lifetime care options
  • Easy-clean interior
  • Routine / repeat sample analysis


Renishaw can configure RA800s in a range of variants, which differ in excitation wavelength, spectral coverage, sample handling, and software. This provides a system that is optimised to the needs of your customers.

Find out more

Renishaw welcomes enquiries from any companies requiring an OEM solution for a particular application area or from instrument companies with new channel opportunities. Please get in touch.