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Our people

Learn more about our board of directors and key personnel

Board of Directors

The Board comprises three executive and four independent non-executive directors in addition to the Executive Chairman. There is a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved for its decision. These include the approval of annual and half-year results and trading statements, company and business acquisitions and disposals, major capital expenditure, borrowings, material agreements, director and company secretary appointments and removals, patent-related disputes and other material litigation, forecasts and major product development projects.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the executive management of the Group's businesses. It is chaired by the Chief Executive and includes the executive directors and senior managers. The Executive Committee usually meets for two days on a quarterly basis and considers the performance and strategic direction of the metrology and healthcare businesses and other matters of general importance to the Group.

International Sales & Marketing Board

An executive sales and marketing committee known as the International Sales and Marketing Board meets quarterly to determine the Group's sales and marketing policies and strategies and review its sales and marketing activities. This committee is chaired by the Chief Executive and includes the Deputy Chairman, the Group Finance Director, the presidents (and other senior management) of the three sales regions and the Director of Additive Manufacturing.