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Primo™ Credit Token

What is a Primo™ Credit Token?

The Primo system has a usage cost that you only pay if you to continue to use the system. This is paid for by purchasing a credit token every six months.

A six-month credit token is included in the price of every Primo system so that you can experience the benefits before you buy more credit.

What does the Primo Credit Token offer?

  • If you achieve an increase in productivity the credit cost is likely to quickly pay for itself.
  • If you don't see a benefit from the Primo system then you don't have to purchase more credit.
  • During the six-month period that a credit token is active all the components of the Primo system are covered against accidental damage under Primo Total Protect*.

* Terms and conditions apply.

How does the Primo Credit Token work?

The Primo system can only operate when there is credit available.

Credit information is transferred from the credit token into the Primo Interface. A clock in the interface starts to count down the number of days of remaining credit (as soon as a new credit is inserted into the Primo system) and runs continuously until the credit reaches zero. You can add credit to the system at any time, and it can be added to your remaining credit.

There are two options available for credit:

  • The six-month credit token – Primo CREDIT-6 – enables the Primo system to operate for six months. It provides flexibility in how you pay for credit: if you have a quiet period then you can delay buying a Primo credit token until you need your Primo system again.
  • The upgrade credit token – Primo CREDIT-U – provides unlimited use of the Primo system in a one-off payment.

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