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Renishaw styli for FARO® arms

Renishaw has further extended its comprehensive stylus catalogue to include a range of styli, specific for use on the FARO® arm probes.

Renishaw styli for FARO arms

These styli have been designed especially for use on FARO portable arm CMMs and are available in a range of different diameters. Their robust design and construction utilises grade 5 zirconia balls that have a high fracture toughness. Zirconia is a particularly tough ceramic material with hardness and wear characteristics approaching those of ruby. Its surface properties make it an ideal material for aggressive scanning applications on cast iron components.

The balls are bonded to the high strength tungsten carbide stem with impact resistant adhesive, and specialist construction techniques have been incorporated to ensure that the joint between the body and stem is extremely rigid and virtually indestructible.

Renishaw styli for FARO probes are available in both 11/4-20 UN and M6 thread sizes.


Renishaw also provides a range of different accessories. These include a comprehensive kit, extensions, screws and adaptors, as well as metrology fixturing components and metrology fixture tables.

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Our range includes zirconia ball and tungsten carbide point probes in different thread sizes and with a selection of accessories to suit various application needs. For further information and to view the complete range, please see the styli and accessories brochure.


Renishaw styli for FARO arms applications gallery