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Renishaw supports science-themed Summer Reading Challenge

September 2022

To encourage primary school students to discover the science around them, global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, hosted science workshops in local libraries as part of the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge. Developed with the Science Museum Group, the theme of this year's Summer Reading Challenge — ‘Gadgeteers' — aimed to inspire children across the country to feed their imagination with science and innovation over the summer holidays.

To support the initiative, Renishaw created three science and engineering themed workshops that libraries local to its New Mills site in Gloucestershire offered to participating children. The first was a reading of ‘Little Miss Inventor', an offshoot book of the Mr Men series, which tells the story of a female character who designs gadgets to improve her friends' lives. Students could also attend sessions to learn about Renishaw's interactive Gromitronic, a sculpture created to showcase engineering with 3D printed metal tail and collar, and a plasma ball nose. Students were then tasked with designing their own Gromit dog to showcase their skills. At the ‘Magnetic Madness' session, participants had the chance to find out more about engineering and take part in practical activities including making their own spinning top that chases a paperclip, and a mini science experiment demonstrating how Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction.

“At Renishaw we recognise the importance of younger students making links and connections around what they learn at school and how that can make a difference to their future careers,” explained Rebecca Bound, STEM Outreach Officer at Renishaw. “As a result, Renishaw was really keen to support its local libraries with this Gadgeteer themed Summer Reading Challenge. During the sessions it was wonderful to see such an array of students from different backgrounds being wowed by science and engineering and to hear so many inquisitive comments and questions.”

“Gloucestershire Libraries are so grateful to Renishaw for partnering with us on Summer Reading Challenge 2022, Gadgeteers,” explained Liz Vella, Children's Librarian. “As part of the challenge, these events have helped encourage and inspire thousands of children all across the county to discover STEM, their local library and a lifelong love of reading for pleasure. All primary age children can take part in the challenge and events every year, for free, and discover the fun and benefits the library offers.”

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual initiative presented by The Reading Agency and funded by Arts Council England. Since 1999, the initiative has encouraged children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, building their reading skills and confidence.

Renishaw's education outreach programme aims to promote engineering to the next generation, hosting open days and activities for students in primary, secondary and further education to change perceptions about engineering and promote STEM careers.

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