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Shuttle and part transfer systems

The perfect solution for a production CMM environment or where heavy and difficult to load components are inspected.

Shuttle systems

In production environments, where high inspection throughput is required, a shuttle system can greatly reduce the overall time taken to measure a component. The shuttle system can accurately locate the fixture into the measuring volume of a machine and bring the fixture closer to the operator for much easier component loading. Where guarding or enclosures are used on shop floor CMMs, a shuttle system is invaluable.

Renishaw has several options of shuttle systems that can be tailored to suit any application:

Fixed linear rail shuttle

This shuttle system is ideal for moving parts on and off a CMM or moving fixtures/parts in and out of an enclosed CMM. Linear rails provide smooth movement for the top plate. Built-in stops with locking pins allow the plate to be secured in the loading position as well as in the final position on the CMM.

Multi-fixture station shuttle

These shuttle systems are custom designed to suit multiple fixtures/parts that have a high volume of inspections. The fixtures/parts are located outside of the CMM in individual pre-load stations to ease operator loading. They are then pulled from the pre-load position and pushed down the main shuttle to the CMM. Once in position, the shuttle plate is located onto kinematic pins for repeatable location. The number of fixture stations can be designed to suit your exact requirements. The basic system is operated manually, however, automated options are available for moving parts at the push of a button.

Slider rail shuttle

This rail system is the simplest and least costly of our systems and is great for moving fixtures on and off the CMM. The rails can be mounted directly on to the CMM table or on top of a fixtures base plate and are made from Delrin®. An optional steel backer plate can be added for extra support. There are three stops that position fixtures into a repeatable nest and if needed, toggle clamps can be added.

Did you know?

Our in-house design team can design a shuttle and part transfer system suited to your requirements. Ask us for a custom quote today by contacting us via the 'Next steps' links.

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