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SPRINT™ technology explained

Incorporating a unique 3D sensor design, the OSP60 probe with SPRINT™ technology provides an exceptional, high-speed, high-accuracy scanning and touch probing system for CNC machine tools.

The OSP60 is based on a dual planar spring design that measures both deflection magnitude and direction. This allows the probe to be responsive to surface variation, enabling accurate high-speed measurement of complex free-form and prismatic surfaces.

Two concentric rings are mounted within the probe assembly: one fixed to the probe body; the other fixed to the stylus mount, which then moves with the stylus. Circuits on these rings are monitored and capacitance measurements between them allow the probe stylus tip deflections to be recorded accurately.

Engineered to provide 1,000 true 3D XYZ data points per second, the OSP60 works with SupaScan and Productivity+™ Scanning Suite software.

The OSP60 can also operate as a touch-trigger probe when used in conjunction with the Inspection Plus for OSP60 software package.

Next steps

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