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Styli customer support

Renishaw has an enviable reputation for being committed to customer service and support.

Service and support

Renishaw's expansion over more than 30 years has always been accompanied by a willingness to invest in a worldwide sales and support network, which today includes offices in more than 30 countries, plus a global network of distributors and agents.

The benefit to our customers is that at any time, there are in excess of 100,000 styli held in stock locations around the world, ensuring rapid local delivery.

We have earned an enviable reputation for our commitment to customer care and support. Should technical advice be required, or a problem arises, our global network of staff is always available to offer advice and recommend a suitable replacement.



View the frequently asked questions for Renishaw styli.

How do you know you are using a genuine Renishaw stylus?

The majority of our styli have the Renishaw logo printed onto the holder. They are all supplied in plastic boxes with holographic labels.

What grade balls do you use?

All Renishaw styli use grade 5 balls as standard.

What's the difference between a grade 5 and grade 3 ball?

Renishaw uses grade 5 (0.13 microns) ruby balls as standard. If however you are using a high accuracy CMM, you may find that our grade 3 (0.08 microns) ruby balls provide better metrology.

How can I tell if my styli has a grade 3 ball ruby ball?

At Renishaw high accuracy styli have a titanium nitride coated (gold coloured) stem. This enables the user to identify the grade 3 stylus from our standard grade 5 range.

Are Renishaw styli RoHS compliant?

The styli range of products are RoHS compliant. Please read our full statement here.

What is the smallest ball diameter we can produce?

0.3 mm as standard however we have quoted a 0.12 mm ruby ball as a special design. Please note small balls are subject to availability.

How do I request special stylus?

Contact your local Renishaw office or fill in a request form which is downloadable from our website.

Will changes in temperature effect measurement?

Yes, even minor differences in temperature can cause measurement errors. You can minimise such error by choosing the right material for the stylus stem or extension. For more information read our guide on styli materials.

Why do some discs have rollers in?

A simple disc requires datuming for only one diameter, but this limits effective probing to only x and y directions. Adding a roller allows you to datum and hence probe in the Z direction.

What does EWL mean?

Effective working length. This is measured from the centre of the ball to the point at which the stem will foul against the feature when measuring "normal" to the part.