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Ultra-fast probing for workpiece set-up, surface condition and form monitoring.

High-speed production – fastest spindle probing solution

High resolution – surface condition measurement for cutting defects

Detailed information – form results for simple features

SupaScan is an easy-to-use machine tool probing system capable of workpiece scanning and exceptionally fast point measurement.

SupaScan is the fastest on-machine probing solution for workpiece set-up. Surface condition and form can also be monitored – greatly enhancing your on-machine inspection capability.

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity and increase profits – SupaScan can keep complex machining processes under control.

Run existing on-machine measurement cycles faster than ever before

GoProbe app
SupaScan is compatible with the Renishaw Inspection Plus macro suite: replace your existing touch probe with the OSP60 probe with SPRINT™ technology and speed up your probing cycle without changing your existing programs.

Inspection Plus can be programmed manually using G-code, or via GoProbe and Set and Inspect programming apps.

Reduce measurement cycle time by up to 60%

Rapid point measurement

The SupaScan QuickPoint macro can be used by those looking to get the fastest possible cycle time from a touch point.

By using the analogue capability of the OSP60 probe rather than the trigger signal, the macro allows point measurement to be performed up to 60% faster than traditional touch-trigger systems.

Super-fast scanning

SupaScan provides up to 60% inspection cycle time reduction on simple prismatic components when compared with touch-trigger measurement.

Workpiece set-up cycles return accurate measurement results even when performed at up to rapid (G0) feedrates – as fast as it is physically possible for the probe to traverse the surface of the workpiece.

Detect feature form issues

On-machine scanning using the OSP60 probe can detect defects in feature form that could be missed by touch-trigger systems.

Use the scanning macro cycles to detect minimum circle diameter, maximum circle diameter, surface high point and surface low point. Form data can be output to NC variables to control downstream processes.

Monitor surface condition

Surface condition image

Measure surface defects

SupaScan can measure common surface defects such as excessive surface waviness, surface peaks, and steps on the surface.

Automating surface condition monitoring allows these issues to be resolved and corrections to be made whilst the component is still in the machine; improving measurement reproducibility, reducing rework and scrap.

View live surface traces using the Surface Reporter app

A complementary application – Surface Reporter – provides a real-time, graphical representation of the workpiece surface condition.

Colour-coding clearly indicates to the operator whether the component surface is in or out of tolerance.

System components

OSP60 inspection probe

An analogue scanning probe for machine tools, capable of scanning and touch measurements.

OMM-S receiver

An optical receiver specific to the OSP60 inspection probe.

OSI-S interface

An optical interface providing input/output communication with the machine tool.

SPRINT technology

DPU-1 data processing unit

Processes and stores scanned measurement data. Saves results into machine variables (via the CNC API) for use in downstream processes.

G-code macros

Inspection Plus macros and SupaScan macros can be used for scanning and touch point measurement.

Surface Reporter

An app displaying surface condition trace, part pass/fail and Wt value. Resides on a device running Microsoft® Windows connected to the machine.

Next steps

Contact your local sales representative if you think SupaScan is right for you.