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Virsa™ Raman analyser

The world's only Raman system with remote probes capable of automatic focus-tracking.

The Virsa fibre-optic-coupled Raman analyser enables you to take your spectroscopic analysis away from the confines of the laboratory microscope to new samples and environments.

Using our LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology and Monitor™ software, the Virsa system can easily perform real-time analysis on samples that have irregular surfaces, are changing shape as they undergo phase changes, and that move, such as those on production lines.

Virsa with laptop and SB200


  • High performance portable fibre coupled Raman system
  • High spatial resolution x/y <1 µm, z <2 µm
  • Live white light sample viewing for accurate sample targeting
  • Motorised x/y/z stack that enables accurate objective positioning for single point or mapping purposes
  • Work with objective lens pointing downwards or horizontally

Virsa Raman analyser brochure
Virsa with oil painting


This versatile system has a modest footprint measuring just 543 mm x 436 mm x 178 mm. It can be used on a bench or mounted in an industry-standard 19" rack. This makes it ideal for researchers wanting to expand the application of Raman beyond traditional laboratory-based microscope systems.

Virsa graphene LiveTrack

LiveTrack technology

The Virsa system uses fibre-optic probes enabling you to analyse large, uneven, moving, or chemically-changing samples. The probes incorporate Renishaw's LiveTrack focus-tracking technology which automatically keeps samples in focus, ensuring you get high-quality Raman data.

Virsa hot cold cell

Monitor software

The Virsa system's software incorporates reaction monitoring allowing you to capture, analyse, and display data dynamically and in real time as it makes measurements at up to 8 times per second. This makes it especially suited for routine measurements on complex samples or processes.


In-vivo biological studies

In-vivo biological studies

The transportable Virsa analyser is ideal for developing clinical applications of Raman spectroscopy. It is available with a clinically ready fibre-optic probe that is suitable for research in a clinic or operating theatre. Choose the Virsa analyser to help translate Raman technology into clinical applications.

Raman art and heritage

Cultural heritage and conservation

Cultural heritage artefacts are often large, immobile or too delicate to be moved. The Virsa analyser is uniquely suited for the non-destructive characterisation of such relics. Equipped with multiple laser excitation wavelengths and LiveTrack technology, the Virsa analyser can study a large number of samples with microscopic detail.



As standard


Excitation wavelength - 532 nm | 660 nm | 785 nm✓ Choose one or two wavelengths
Virsa fibre-optic probes:
  • VRP11: For general and bulk sampling
  • VRP21C: For high-spatial-resolution confocal measurements
✓ At least one probe included as standard
5 m fibre-optic cablingAdditional lengths available
Objective lens✓ One lens providedAdditional lenses available
Laptop with Renishaw's Windows-based Raman environment (WiRE) software
Raman Assist - Online training modules
Raman Assist - Installation, training and support
Service level agreement
Immersion probes
Video viewer (through-lens direct sample viewing)
SB200 computer controlled, three-axis probe positioner
Probe objective turret (for easy switching between multiple objective lenses)
Spectral databases for identifying unknown materials
Advanced data analysis modules

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Class 3B1 laser product

1As defined by IEC 60825-1:2014