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Speed and Technology at its best

Do you think probing cycles are too slow? Want to drastically improve the speed at which you probe?

Probing at 3, 4 or 5m/s sounds impressive but, will it actually speed up the probing cycles or ultimately slow them down? The old question of speed vs repeatable accuracy!

Other probe manufacturers promote high probing speeds and one-touch measurement as the way to reduce cycle time. Increasing the probing speed without considering the whole measuring system (probing system, machine and control) will introduce metrology errors.

In addition, there comes a point where high probing speeds do not reduce cycle time, as probe overtravel distances increase.

Experience the SupaTouch technology

SupaTouch technology (600px)

SupaTouch makes smart ‘real-time' decisions (based on the capability of the whole measuring system) to determine the fastest possible probing speeds without compromising accuracy or safety.

Optimization using SupaTouch technology

1. Optimizes positioning feed rate

RMP600 (320px)

Selects the fastest possible positioning feed-rate determined by the probe's maximum deflection and machine stopping distance.

2. Optimizes measurement feed rate


Selects the fastest possible measuring feed-rate to achieve the required measurement repeatability in the X, Y and Z direction.

3. One-touch or two-touch probing

OMP600 (320px)

Determined automatically ‘on the fly' per measurement move. For short approach distances a one-touch method is typically faster, but for long approach distances a two-touch method can be faster.

4. Ensures points only recorded at constant velocity

RMP600 (320px)

Measurements recorded in the acceleration zone of the machine will be inaccurate and therefore are re-measured at a feed rate of F100.

At higher speeds the kinematics of the machine, pre-travel, interface response time, machine tool response time, the maximum probe deflection, all come in to play. At high speeds the machine tool can potentially over travel once the probe is deflected, it then must move back to a pre-trigger position before touching a second time to confirm a repeatable coordinate position. All these moves take time.

Supatouch is new functionality within Inspection+ which, through internal routines and cycles, will optimize the machines probing speed up to a max of 2 m/s. At speeds higher than 2m/s there are very minimal time savings.

Explore the SupaTouch technology

SupaTouch technology is embedded within the latest versions of Inspection Plus software offering significant improvements to the speed and metrology of component inspection cycles.

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