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Highly accurate structured light measurement probe for REVO-2


The REVO fringe probe (RFP1) is a non-contact structured light sensor for the REVO system offering highly accurate measurement of surface topology on an infinite positioning, 5-axis CMM platform.

Key benefits

Multi-sensor system with unrivalled feature access

RFP1 data is automatically stitched together in one co-ordinate frame with no need for reference markers, and combined with data from all other REVO-2 sensors maximises part inspection capability on one CMM.

Automatic exposure compensation

Ensures optimal data results with automatic compensation for different materials, surface colours and textures without the need for matt coatings.

Easy-to-use inspection planning and digitising software

RFP inspection planner generates DMIS part programs from CAD quickly and easily, whilst the RFP digitiser collects data from parts without CAD models as part of a reverse engineering process.


RFP dimensions


VPCP dimensions


Technical drawing: Technical drawing: FA10 dimensions
Field of view50 mm x 50 mm
Depth of field20 mm
Stand-off160 mm

Rotational capability

A-axis (from REVO-2)

B-axis (from REVO-2)

+120° / -5°

Infinite positioning

XY point density (resolution)65 μm
Probe repeatability (plane)4 μm (2σ)
Probe accuracy (position error of a plane)9 μm
Measurement form error (plane)15 μm RMS
Equivalent scanning speed50,000 pts/s
MountingMagnetised coupling
Sensor type1/1.8” CMOS sensor
Projector typeFixed sinusoidal filtering grating
IlluminationA wavelength of 450 nm blue LED
Operating modes

3D surface point capture

2D vision measurement

Probe headREVO-2 only
Rack port compatibilityVPCP
Change rackMRS2 recommended
Software compatibility

UCCsuite 5.6 onwards

MODUS 1.11 onwards

IntegrationI++ DME protocol
Weight530 g
Operating temperature range+10 °C to +40 °C
Metrology specification range20 °C ± 2 °C
Storage temperature range-25 ˚C to +70 ˚C
Operating humidity0% to 80% (non-condensing)
Calibration artefactFA10
OutputPoint cloud data file (.xyz)
  • Flyer:  RFP1 fringe probe for REVO-2 Flyer: RFP1 fringe probe for REVO-2

    REVO-2 is the only scanning system for CMMs that simultaneously controls the motion of three machine and two head axes whilst collecting work piece data using its range of 2D and 3D tactile probes, surface roughness measurement probe, non-contact vision probe and now structured light probe too.


Installation and user's guides

  • User guide:  REVO-2
    User guide: REVO-2

    REVO-2 is a dynamic measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. It is a revolutionary product designed to maximise measurement throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

  • Installation & user's guide:  RSP3
    Installation & user's guide: RSP3

    The RSP3 range of probes gives REVO users the ability to carry cranked stylus arrangements and enhanced capability for carrying long styli.

  • Installation & user's guide:  SFP2
    Installation & user's guide: SFP2

    The SFP2 probe system brings automated surface finish (roughness) measurement to CMMs as part of the REVO 5-axis multi-sensor measuring system.

  • User guide:  RVP
    User guide: RVP

    RVP is a non-contact vision measurement probe for use with the REVO-2 5-axis measurement system on co-ordinate measuring machines.

  • User guide:  RFP1
    User guide: RFP1

    The REVO fringe probe (RFP1) is a non-contact structured light sensor for the REVO® system offering highly accurate measurement of surface topology on an infinite positioning, 5-axis CMM platform.

Part number

RFP system kit

RFP full kit (includes 1 × RFP1 probe, 1 × FA10 calibration artefact, 1 × VPCP change port kit)


RFP system hardware

RFP1 probe (probe only)


FA10 calibration artefact


RFP system software

RFP inspection planner (supplied by Flexera)

RFP digitiser (supplied by Flexera)


RFP inspection planner (supplied on a dongle)


RFP digitiser (supplied on a dongle)


NOTE: Please visit the REVO-2 page for a full list of REVO-2 system and associated product part numbers.