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RFP1 REVO fringe probe

The REVO fringe probe (RFP1) is a non-contact structured light sensor for the REVO system on an infinitely positioning, 5-axis platform

  • Knowledgebase top level image - REVO-2 and RFP1RFP1 data is automatically stitched together in one co-ordinate frame with no need for reference markers, and can be combined with data from all other REVO-2 sensors
  • Automatic exposure compensation ensures optimal data results with automatic compensation for different materials, surface colours and textures without the need for matt coatings
  • RFP inspection planner generates DMIS part programs from CAD, whilst the RFP digitiser collects data from parts without CAD models as part of a reverse engineering process


RFP1 REVO fringe probe

RFP dimensions

Change port

VPCP dimensions

FA10 calibration artefact

FA10 dimensions

NOTE: Dimensions in mm (in).


Field of view50 mm x 50 mm
Depth of field20 mm
Stand-off160 mm

Rotational capability

A-axis (from REVO-2)

B-axis (from REVO-2)

+120 / -5

Infinite positioning

XY point density (resolution)
65 μm
Probe repeatability (plane)
4 μm (2σ)
Probe accuracy (position error of a plane)
9 μm
Measurement form error (plane)
15 μm RMS
Equivalent scanning speed
50,000 pts/s
Magnetised coupling
Sensor type
1/1.8” CMOS sensor
Projector type
Fixed sinusoidal filtering grating
A wavelength of 450 nm blue LED
Operating modes

3D surface point capture

2D vision measurement

Probe head
REVO-2 only
Rack port compatibility
Change rack
MRS2 recommended
Software compatibility

UCCsuite 5.6 onwards

MODUS 1.11 onwards

I++ DME protocol
530 g
Operating temperature range
+10 °C to +40 °C
Metrology specification range
20 °C ± 2 °C
Storage temperature range
-25 ˚C to +70 ˚C
Operating humidity
0% to 80% (non-condensing)
Calibration artefact
OutputPoint cloud data file (.xyz)

Part number
RFP system kit
RFP full kit (includes 1 × RFP1 probe, 1 × FA10 calibration artefact, 1 × VPCP change port kit)A-5417-0011
RFP system hardware
RFP1 probe (probe only)A-5417-0010
FA10 calibration artefactA-5417-0021
RFP system software
RFP inspection planner (supplied by Flexera)CS-SOF-SW-01-0270
RFP digitiser (supplied by Flexera)CS-SOF-SW-01-0271
RFP inspection planner (supplied on a dongle)A-5871-5000
RFP digitiser (supplied on a dongle)A-5871-5010

NOTE: Please visit the REVO system for a full list of REVO-2 system and associated product part numbers.