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SCP600 stylus change port

  • SCP600The SCP600 has passive operation like the SCR600 and mounts on the MRS
  • This allows flexibility for users to configure multiple ports, to suit the application 
  • SCP600s are particularly suited to the SP600Q probe, where for example star stylus clusters are unable to fit into an SCR600

The SCP600 fixes to the MRS / MRS2 rail as shown below:

Fitting SCP600 to MRS2

Installation and user's guides


  • Leaflet:  SCP600 stylus change port
    Leaflet: SCP600 stylus change port

    The stylus change port (SCP600) is a modular system, designed to allow automatic stylus changing on a CMMs, for the SP600 analogue probe.

 Part number
SP600 kits 
SP600 shank mounted scanning probe kitA-2098-0722
SP600M autojointed / multiwired scanning probe kitA-2098-0105
SP600Q quill mounted scanning probe kitA-2098-0890
SP600 stylus changing accessories 
SCR600 stylus change rack for use with SP600M and SP600QA-2098-0255
SCP600 stylus change port to be mounted on MRS / MRS2 for use with SP600M and SP600QA-2098-0933
SH600-STD stylus holder for use with SP600M and SP600QA-2098-0284
SH600-EXT stylus holder for use with new SP600M and SP600Q's allows styli of up to 300 mm long to be usedA-2098-1036
SP600 interfaces and accessories 
AC2 interface card for use with SP600M and SP600QA-2172-0001
PL112 PICS adaptor cableA-2172-0004
PL113 overtravel adaptor cableA-2172-0005