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5-axis measurement techniques

Renishaw's 5-axis high speed, high accuracy, measurement techniques offer a wide range of benefits resulting in significant throughput improvements.

Head touches

REVO head touches

On measured features requiring position and size, discrete points are captured utilizing the performance of the REVO drive system or in combination with the XYZ axes of the CMM. The head touch capability extends the range of usefulness of the REVO / CMM system where minimum points are required but speed of measurement is important.

Circle scan

REVO® performing circle scan

The circle scan is a defined routine that scans a circular feature capturing up to 4000 data points per second. By defining the expected path, REVO utilizes its 2-axis drive system to follow the surface and minimize the effects on accuracy of moving the three CMM axes. The circle scan is ideally suited for inside bores, such as engine blocks where the form is critical.

Helical scan

REVO cylinder scan

The helical scan is designed to move along the axis of an inside or outside cylinder or cone. During the scanning process, the helical scan traverses along the axis at a uniform length per revolution. The effect is a helical path capturing a large data point set over the full defined length.

Gasket scan

REVO gasket scan

The gasket scan is ideally suited to follow a non-uniform path during scanning operations. By defining target points along the proposed path, REVO will blend a path between the points while capturing large data point sets minimizing the amount of CMM motion. The gasket scan works under a full 5-axis motion control.

Sweep scan - flat plane

REVO sweepscan flat plane

Capturing data points over a plane can be accomplished by utilizing the REVO drive system to sweep back and forth while the CMM drive system move is a singular vector direction under a constant speed. This process minimizes the inherent inaccuracies of the CMM structure while scanning the surface at high speeds.

Sweep scan - curved surface

REVO sweepscan curved plane

The REVO drive system adapts to the changing surface shape by control the contact pressure of the stylus during a sweeping action. The CMM drives in a uniform direction to minimize the inherent inaccuracies of the CMM structure. This results in the ability to provide surface following while capturing large data point sets and is particularly suited to the measurement of airfoil surfaces.

Section scan - round the plane

REVO section scan- round the blade 300 px

Inspecting a blade section or other outside shape can be accomplished using the section scan capabilities of the metrology software and REVO. This scanning technique results in a single operation by defining a section through a CAD model. With REVO's infinite positioning, the CMM moves around the part while REVO controls the contact position.