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ACS-1 Advanced Calibration Sphere for machine tool probes

Achieve maximum accuracy, consistency, and reliability on your machine tools by removing manual probe calibration steps. Discover ACS-1 Advanced Calibration Sphere for CNC machine tool probes and streamline your calibration process.

Machine tool probe calibration with ACS-1

Spindle probes for CNC machine tools can be highly repeatable, but their performance relies on accurate calibration.

Manual calibration methods are time-consuming and can be prone to errors and inconsistencies that affect the quality of subsequent measurements. ACS-1 helps you to achieve maximum measurement accuracy on your machine tools by removing these manual calibration steps.

The lockable mechanism on ACS-1 overcomes the need for manual use of precision gauge blocks or slips, ensuring reliable and accurate performance.

  • Excellent repeatability - Achieve excellent calibration repeatability without the need for slip gauges or gauge blocks.
  • Fast calibration - Calibrate your probe length and ball diameter within minutes.
  • Increased productivity - Save time, money, and hassle by removing human error from the calibration process.
ACS-1 on a VMC

Keep calibration simple and accurate

Accurate metrology is critical for making high-quality parts. ACS-1 allows you to establish the stylus offset, size and probe length, providing manufacturers with a cost-effective solution for the accurate calibration of machine tool probes.

Thanks to a magnetic base that allows the probe to be mounted vertically or horizontally, ACS-1 is the ideal probe calibration device for all types of CNC machine tool configurations. This includes vertical mills, lathes, turn-mills, and 5-axis machines.

ACS-1 may be used when:

  • You want to eliminate errors by removing the manual steps involved in using gauge blocks or slips.
  • You require a cost-effective solution to improve an existing manual operating procedure.
  • You need quick set-up for immediate operation.

How does ACS-1 work?

ACS-1 is mounted on the machine tool table or chuck using its magnetic base. To establish an accurate datum surface, a test bar (or a known-length tool) pushes the plunger down to the desired position and locks it.

The probe's overall length is accurately calibrated using the calibration disk (the top surface of the lockable plunger). The probe's stylus ball diameter calibration takes place on the datum sphere, which can be mounted in two different positions depending on the CNC machine's configuration.

For a more detailed overview of machine tool calibration using ACS-1, visit our support library.

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