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Ballbar Trace

Flexible software for time-based QC20-W data capture, extending use to 5-axis machine verification.

Introducing Ballbar Trace

Available now as a free of charge download.

Ballbar Trace overview

Ballbar Trace is a new time-based software package for the QC20-W ballbar. The new software is free of charge to existing QC20-W users.  Ballbar Trace's flexible use opens up QC20-W to many new applications, including 5-axis ballbar verification (to ISO 10791-6) and static monitoring. 

To accompany Ballbar Trace a new release of XCal-View data analysis software will also be released to provide enhanced data analysis.

Find out more about ISO 10791-6 testing

Explore Ballbar Trace

Features and benefits

Ballbar Trace and XCal-View provide a simple but powerful tool to meet the needs of ISO 10791-6 and more flexible QC20-W use.

Ballbar Trace

Ballbar Trace provides a new data capture functionality featuring:

  • Real-time QC20-W ballbar data capture.
  • Minimal and flexible software set-up for rapid testing.


XCal-View provides data analysis to:

  • Swiftly examine and interrogate captured Ballbar Trace data.
  • Instantly create reports in the ISO 10791-6 format.

Software download

  • Software download: Ballbar Trace software v1.0 SP1

    Issued August 2015. Ballbar Trace version 1.0. Flexible ballbar data capture software for applications including static monitoring and ISO 10791-6 compliant testing. Data captured using Ballbar Trace can then be analysed and reported to ISO 10791-6 format using XCal-View (Version 2.3) software.



  • User guide:  Ballbar Trace software User guide: Ballbar Trace software

    Issued August 2015. This user guide contains operating information for the use of Ballbar Trace software. The guide is in pdf format, content can be viewed by chapter or index subject.