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Custom styli

When our comprehensive standard product range does not provide the answer, custom styli can be developed by Renishaw's in-house design team.

Optimal measurement solution

In many application challenges, the solution lies in the choice of stylus. Access to workpiece features, inspection times and probe performance are all influenced by the choice of stylus.

All of these aspects are considered within the design of a custom stylus, incorporating the ideal choice of materials and construction to optimise probe performance for your particular application.

Renishaw has supplied over 10,000 different custom styli into probing applications worldwide, so the solution to your custom stylus requirements may already exist.

  • Custom wing stylus Custom wing stylus
  • Custom truncated stylus Custom truncated stylus
  • Custom crank stylus Custom crank stylus
  • Custom disc stylus Custom disc stylus

Request your custom stylus

Download and complete the Custom stylus request form and submit it to your local sales office.

Total product service

If you can't find what you're looking for in our comprehensive catalogue, Renishaw's in-house teams share a wealth of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing custom products to suit nearly every requirement.

Costs and delivery times are reduced by using standard parts where possible.


Custom styli applications gallery

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