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Employee perspectives

Engineering is an exciting industry that continues to influence many of the innovations we see in society. Here, you will find out more about some of the people working at Renishaw around the world.

Solving global engineering issues requires creativity and problem-solving skills from a diverse range of disciplines. To highlight the diversity in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), we want to showcase different employee perspectives and explore the variety of roles and experiences that make engineering such an exciting industry to work in.

Learn more about the journey into engineering for some of our employees, their experience at Renishaw and current industry perspectives.

Sarah Glanvill, Lead Materials Scientist

I'm an engineer and scientist that helps turn research into real-world innovation.

Dr Sarah Glanvill, Lead Materials Scientist, shares experiences from her work in materials analysis and research, and how it is fundamental to good engineering.

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Alejandro Silva, President - Renishaw Mexico

I'm an engineer to drive success in Mexico's manufacturing sector.

Alejandro Silva, President of Renishaw Mexico and Central America, explains why now is an exciting time for manufacturing in Mexico and how Renishaw plays a part.

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Yvonne Fischer, EMEA Business Development Manager

I'm an engineer to collaboratively solve difficult problems.

Yvonne Fischer, EMEA Business Development Manager, explains how overcoming obstacles makes for a better engineer, business partner and team member.

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Manish Jadeja, Old Town & Industrial Metrology Production Manager

I'm an engineer because the sector values creative thinking.

Manish Jadeja, Industrial Metrology Production Manager, discusses the value of diverse skill sets in product development projects.

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Ruqayyah Girach, Engineering Technician Apprentice

I'm an engineer to turn my passions into real-world solutions.

Ruqayyah Girach, Engineering Apprentice, shares her experiences from her apprenticeship and explains why Renishaw was the right choice to kickstart her career.

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Aengus O Curraidhin, Senior Medical Design/Development Engineer

I'm an engineer to improve patient lives through medical device design.

Aengus Ó Curraidhín, Senior Medical Design/Development Engineer in the Neurological division, shares his thoughts on what's next in the MedTech sector.

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Suhas Cholkar, Director and Head of Manufacturing at Renishaw India

I work in the engineering industry to build strong relationships.

Suhas Cholkar, Director and Head of Manufacturing Services Division India, explains how engineering businesses can build a culture around great relationships.

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Natasha Balman, Senior Service and Imports Manager

I work in the engineering industry to apply my skills across the supply chain.

Natasha Balman, Senior Service and Imports Manager, explores how the transferable skills gained in other disciplines have influenced her role in supply chain management.

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Letitia Meng, Sales Engineer

I work in the engineering industry to solve complex customer challenges.

Letitia Meng, Sales Engineer for the Encoders Products Group, shares her experiences working in technical sales and the diverse manufacturing sector in Taiwan .

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People at Renishaw

Our global team of 5000 talented people are committed to helping us deliver our purpose of Transforming Tomorrow Together. Every year we welcome a wide-range of new employees with expertise in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing and support services.

Whichever career pathway you choose to follow, you will become part of a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team working closely to design, develop, deliver and support the best outcomes for our customers.