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Engines and blades

Engines and blades

Exquisite precision. Aircraft engine components demand some of the highest manufacturing standards in the world.

We have decades of experience supporting the manufacture and maintenance of aero engines, delivering efficient, repeatable, traceable manufacturing processes for the most costly and difficult-to-machine materials – titanium, exotic alloys, composites.

Where we specialise


We control and validate manufacturing processes to ensure precise blade profiles and maintain uniformity throughout bladed disks.

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)

Our measuring equipment automates and speeds up repair to worn components that demand high quality maintenance in service, even the freeform surface shapes of blades.

How we can help you?


On-machine scanning for in-process control

Our SPRINT™ technology for high-speed, high-accuracy scanning on CNC machine tools is critical for accurate 5-axis machining tasks used in complex aerospace component manufacture.


Our 3- and 5-axis CMM probing systems include blade-specific software applications.


Devices and software for accurate set-up of complex multi-tasking machine tools and CMMs.