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EVOLUTE™ encoder series

What is EVOLUTE?

Based on Renishaw's industry-proven absolute technology, the EVOLUTE series is a true-absolute non‑contact linear optical encoder with a 50 µm scale period, bringing superb installation tolerances and greater dirt immunity for applications that demand not only the highest operational integrity, but where fast installation is critical.

Cutting edge optical design and high-speed signal processing allow resolutions down to 50 nm and an SDE of ±150 nm, giving the EVOLUTE encoder the targeted performance to meet the needs of demanding OEM applications.

More detailed diagnostic information can be accessed by using the Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa‑100 and ADT View software during installation or for in-field diagnostics and fault finding.

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Scale options

  • Linear scales are used where straight-line position information is needed - usually X, Y or Z axes.

Stainless steel tape with track option

Scale name


Scale pitch

Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20 °C

Supplied length

Readhead compatibility

RTLA50 with optional FASTRACK™


±10 µm/m

50 µm

10.1 ±0.2 µm/m/°C

Up to 10 020 mm