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EVOLUTE™ encoder series

Based on industry-leading technology from the RESOLUTE™ encoder series, the EVOLUTE™ system is a true-absolute 50 μm scale period optical encoder with generous installation tolerances, enhanced dirt immunity and versatile metrology performance.

High operational integrity is maintained due to innovative image processing algorithms and optics optimised for contamination resistance.

The EVOLUTE encoder measures absolute position with resolutions down to 50 nm at speeds up to 100 m/s.

EVOLUTE encoders are available with linear scales and a variety of serial interfaces. All variants (marked with the ADT logo) are compatible with the optional Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100 and ADT View software, which acquire comprehensive real-time encoder data allowing optimisation and in-field fault finding.

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True-absolute position measurement

Absolute pictogram

The EVOLUTE encoder series provides absolute position measurement from single-track linear scales. Position is acquired immediately on start-up without requiring any motion, making it suitable for a wide range of motion control applications.

Easy installation and robust operation

Easy installation pictogram

The use of a single-track scale with a 50 μm period give the EVOLUTE encoder system a generous installation tolerance of 500 μm (rideheight), while innovative image processing algorithms and optimised optics provide enhanced dirt immunity.

Versatile metrology performance

Decorative image representing Sub-Divisional Error (SDE)

EVOLUTE encoder systems provide absolute position measurement with Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) of ±150 nm and ultra-low noise (jitter) of less than 10 nm RMS, suitable for a wide range of motion control applications for smooth motion control.

Linear scale option

Scale type

Scale name


Scale pitch

Thermal expansion coefficient at 20 °C

Scale max length

Stainless steel tape with track option


RTLA50 with optional FASTRACK

±10 μm/m

50 μm

10.1 ±0.2 μm/m/°C

Up to 10 020 mm

Optional Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100

Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100

EVOLUTE encoder readheads are compatible with the Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100 and ADT View software. They provide comprehensive real-time encoder data feedback to aid more challenging installations and diagnostics. The intuitive software interface can be used for:

  • Remote calibration
  • Signal optimisation over the entire axis length
  • Digital readout of encoder position (relative to the scale)
  • Exporting and saving data
  • Setting zero