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Renishaw's latest encoder product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing designers to integrate a wide range of encoders into motion control systems

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  • Renishaw encoders support the latest in DUKIN’s CMM design

    DUKIN’s Technical Manager, Mr Tae Young Ku The co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) has become an indispensable tool in the process control regimes of modern production lines. Whether in-line or off-line, CMMs provide the most accurate measurements of parts ranging from turbine blades to engine piston rings. This case study explores how DUKIN designs CMMs that minimise measurement errors through robust mechanical design and position feedback.

  • Renishaw launches the QUANTiC™ rotary encoder system

    QUANTiC™ rotary encoder Renishaw, the world-leading metrology company, launches a rotary version of its QUANTiC™ linear optical incremental encoder featuring exceptionally wide installation and operating tolerances, in addition to enhanced diagnostics compatibility.

  • Laser encoder improves accuracy of optical connector measurement

    柳下技研株式会社 RLE10 Integration of the Renishaw RLE10 laser encoder has enhanced machine alignment, installation and system stability. The positional accuracy of the YGN-590-MT multi-core optical connector inspection machine has been dramatically improved as a result, from 0.1 μm to 0.01 μm resolution.

  • Advanced position encoders in photolithography

    Figure 1: silicon wafer under microscope Optical lithography has been widely used in the semiconductor industry and many other nanotechnology applications. High-throughput machines are required that keep pace with the demand for ever-decreasing device dimensions. Optical position encoders are constantly improving and are now a compact alternative to laser-interferometer systems in some cases.

  • Encoders accelerate PCB impedance verification

    Sam-Jeong PCB under test Volume manufacturing of high frequency electronic products requires high-performance PCB impedance measurement machinery capable of reliably verifying that actual production outcomes meet with calculated impedance targets. Precision machine builder, Sam-Jeong Automation is using Renishaw's TONiC™ incremental encoder and tape scale system to deliver the speed, accuracy and repeatability required by its next generation PCB impedance measurement machine.

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