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GoProbe for Primo™

What is GoProbe for Primo?

Renishaw's GoProbe for Primo is a simplified 'all‑in‑one' software package that has been designed to be used with the Primo system.

GoProbe for Primo supports part setting, tool setting, and calibration cycles. All cycles use a single line of code to make the software easy to learn and use on a daily basis.

What is the GoProbe training kit?

The GoProbe training kit comes with everything you need to easily learn and use all of the GoProbe part setting, tool setting and calibration cycles.

Included in the kit:

GoProbe pocket guide: a pocket‑sized booklet that will guide you through the five steps of probing. Perfect for initial training and everyday use.

GoProbe quick‑reference tool: a simple reference tool for the single‑line commands, perfect for when you are more familar with how to use the GoProbe cycles.

GoProbe app: an interactive pocket guide app for your smartphone. Simply select your part's features and variables to generate a single-line command.

E‑learning course: a PC‑based self‑study training course featuring exercises to build confidence in using GoProbe cycles.

GoProbe training part: a part which contains many of the features which are common to automated setting. It is used in the e-learning course exercises.

The GoProbe programming manual: a manual with details of the more advanced features of the GoProbe cycles.