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MODUS™ gauging software

MODUS is a powerful metrology package for the Equator system, allowing CAD-driven programming and gauging of complex profiles.


MODUS receives commands from Organiser to run DMIS scripts, which it then translates into standard I++ commands and sends to UCCserver Equator. MODUS provides a comprehensive suite of 3-dimensional metrology functions, delivered via an intuitive user interface that features full graphical display of measurement routines. Wizards provide a quick and easy way to specify common measurement tasks, ensuring good practice is applied.

On the programmable system the comprehensive MODUS™ programming software allows engineers to rapidly create gauging routines for any part - simple or complex, prismatic or free-form.

MODUS features the ability to program scanning and touch measurements easily on the Equator system, using the industry-standard SP25 probe. Scanning enables thousands of data points to be taken to define a feature, allowing true form analysis.

Key features

  • MODUS - screen caliper RSP3Full support for I++ DME compliant metrology controllers, including Equator Controller
  • Full compatibility with Equator gauging compare method
  • CAD-driven offline programming, with support for neutral formats of IGES, STEP, Parasolid® and VDA-FS - programs arrive at the machine ready to run, with little or no prove-out required
  • High quality integration with the CATIA® (v5 and v4), Siemens® NX™ (previously Unigraphics®), Pro/E® and Solidworks® CAD / CAM solutions
  • Native DMIS support
  • Certified mathematical algorithms
  • Powerful text and graphical reporting
  • Flexible output of results data including certified Q-DAS

Standards foster interoperability

Building on a foundation of industry standards such as DMIS, I++ DME, DML and Microsoft® SQL Server, MODUS maximises compatibility with existing programs and reports. Flexible reporting options include text-based and graphical reports, and results data that can be exported in a wide range of file formats, including certified Q-DAS for comprehensive SPC analysis.

The reporting capability of MODUS is extensive, including traditional text reports with comprehensive user-defined formatting. Graphical reporting enables results to be displayed against the CAD model, including whisker charts or 3D form plotting for many features.