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neuroinspire™ software

The neuroinspire™ product range enables you to plan targets and trajectories for stereotactic neurosurgery.

What can neuroinspire™ be used for?

The neuroinspire™ surgical planning software provides the tools that can assist you with the planning of most stereotactic procedures. It integrates with the neuromate® stereotactic robot and provides the ability to carry out peri-operative verification. The software also has a selection of available add-on modules to suit your individual needs and preferences.



  • Load in DICOM formatted CT and MR series including angiographs;
  • Turn any planning view from a set of 2D slices into a 3D volume;
  • Intuitive target and trajectory planning, whilst avoiding key anatomy and blood vessels;
  • Transfer plans between neuroinspire stations
  • A customisable catalogue of implantable devices and tools;
  • Define a safety corridor around a trajectory;
  • Modular design allows future developments.

New features

• Now also supports Enhanced DICOM and IMA formatted CT and MR series;
• Recent plans can be opened from the start screen, saving time;
• Default windowing setting for the viewing of bone in CT series;
• Use of LiveWire segmentation allows quick and intuitive semi-automatic delineation of anatomical features.
• Targets can now be displayed on the Cerefy® Electronic Brain Atlas additional module

Add-on modules

Additional software functionality is available for purchase to enhance your surgical planning experience. These include:

  • Region of interest based automatic registration - Limit the automatic series registration method to using a definable region of interest of the series.
  • PACS Connectivity - Query and retrieve patient data directly from your hospital network.
  • Cerefy Electronic Clinical Brain Atlas - View the 2D Cerefy Electronic Clinical Brain Atlas, derived from Schaltenbrand G, Wahren W. Atlas for Stereotaxy of the Human Brain.

I find the neuroinspire™ software system easy to use and it is noticeably faster than the previous system we had. One important advantage lies in that the basic platform is compatible with future upgrades, in particular the incorporation of a stereotactic atlas and the ability to use multimodality imaging (angiograms, fMRI, DTI etc.). The customer support from Renishaw has been very good.

Mr Dipankar Nandi
Consultant neurosurgeon
Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK



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